Big Dreams from DU Participants at Mastermind

10 Nov Big Dreams from DU Participants at Mastermind

We had our first big brainstorming session for Microtopia Village at the University of Denver with participants from the Pioneer Leadership Program. Over a dozen undergraduate students dreamed big about everything they want in a micro home, in the Hub and in the 4 Greenhouses planned as part of Microtopia Village.

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So what do they want in the community of their future?

A Fleet of Bikes

Nice Gym – Plenty of Equipment

Light Rail Stop


Green Space and a Dog Park

Coffee shop

No utility payment


Healthy Food Options

Variety of Energy Resources to power homes

Community Festivals

Community Pool

Community Recycle Initiatives

Varied Models of Homes

Different Interiors

Solar Roads

Underground Tunnels

Health Clinic

Grey Water System

Community Waste System to Use

Intramural Sports

Movie Theater

Community Council …to name just a few of the hundreds of ideas which were generated in our Mastermind brainstorming session!

After brainstorming on the macro level, the students broke into one of three mini groups to discuss more specifics of what they wanted in a Micro home, in the Hub and in the Greenhouses. They then made a presentation of their ideas to the rest of the group.

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2015-10-30 13.41.492015-10-30 13.45.36

2015-10-30 13.45.55

The ideas got very specific as to what should be grown in the Greenhouses; how the Hub should have a variety of restaurants, a gym and a theater; and that the Micro Homes should have an outdoor fireplace! We love the dreams of these Millennials.

The students could have brainstormed for hours, however we had to wrap up our session with a list of what makes Microtopia Village so appealing. The students listed the following and more:


Appealing Home Design

Geared toward Millennials

Develops Community

Provide a transition


Looks Nice

Resources & Services

Customization Factor



We will be having more brainstorming sessions with Millennial student groups at colleges throughout Colorado. If you want us to visit your school, please contact


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