Fun with Brainstorming at Boettcher Foundation Mastermind

21 Jan Fun with Brainstorming at Boettcher Foundation Mastermind

Our second brainstorming Mastermind session was a great success at the Boettcher Foundation on January 14, 2016. Ten Boettcher scholars joined us to create the micro home of their dream and to detail what the Hub needs to be a community focal point.

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Here are just a few items they’d like to have in Microtopia Village:

Not needing a car

Easy access to skiing

Location close to nature

Net zero & self sustainable

Roads & sidewalk never ice over

Community news

Community security

Tons of trees

Diverse Vegetation “Secret Garden”

Biking trails

Art in community

Close quality Education

Local & organic restaurants

Down to earth neighbors


Look Organic

Unique Architecture


Flexible Building Code

Encourage diversity


Free things to do

Concert Hall

Dog park

Neighbors love each other

Housing for visitors

Close to good jobs

Community pool

Cool place to worship

Ball field-sports

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The group broke into two sub-groups to discuss the specifics of Micro Homes in the first group, and the second group brainstormed about the Hub.

Here are a few of the ideas that the Micro Home sub group came up with for the ideal home for a Millennial:

Natural light

Big windows


Garage w/electric ports


Charging station

Sound proof

Open living space




Roof deck


Spacious kitchen

Large prep island

Eat on island

Breakfast bar

Vertical window sills herb area

Flat cooking surface

Community kitchen

Sky lights – glass ceiling

Bath tub w/jets

Steam/rainfall shower

Wrap around porch

Ivy on houses

AC geothermal

Variety of exterior styles

Theme neighborhood

Walk-in closet

Murphy beds

Heated tile bathroom

Outdoor eating area

Community grill area


Here are some of the Hub sub group brainstormed ideas for the “Community Center” of the Village:

Straw Bale

Walls filled with lava rock

Open floor plan


Rec Center – Newstand/Concierge

Split info areas – Health; meeting spaces; information

Lots of balconies & roof top terrace

High ceilings

Lots of “outlets”

Cozy spaces

Coffee shop (local roaster)

Interactive architecture

Soft lighting

Happy warm colors

Digital – Smart Hub

Free Wifi

Rotating art displays

Awesome entry “Apple cool”


“Magic windows” – transition

Stage for Events – TED

Seasonally conscious architecture

Millennial “good food” restaurants

Team works on communication trends

Hub pet

Bike share

Sharing center for “stuff”

Shared car service

DIY center

Home repair (sharing)

Shared Services – by homeowners; electricians; plumbers

Everyone presented their findings with a skit about their top choices for the Hub and for Micro Homes.

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Once again, we could have brainstormed for hours. We promised to have more brainstorming sessions in the near future!

If you’d like for us to come to your school, please contact




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